Our Story

Forever Strong

Kia Kaha creates sustainable New Zealand Māori clothing & accessories, created in collaboration with nature and young New Zealand artists.

Established in 1994, we began with the desire to produce quality apparel inspired by our unique land and culture, and made with respect for everyone that touches our garments.

Kia Kaha clothing, New Zealand.


Our core guiding principle is, kaitiakitanga, or guardianship of the land. We produce our products with respect for our environment, using only natural fibres that are ethically sourced and sustainable. The designs on our clothing come from emerging Maori and New Zealand artists. We are proud to collaborate with them and help foster their rising careers.

What does Kia Kaha mean?

Kia Kaha means, stand strong, and that’s exactly what we do. Our strength comes from working together with our precious natural environment and young creative minds.